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Character Level Job
sTEW 150
Altissia 150
NaLa 150
Sephiroth 150
Reno 150
Serah 150
KingDeveraux 150
Makkura 150
MakkuraArashi 150
Pidotzky 150

Patchnotes 7-10-2020

Release date: 07/10/2020 02:28:09am

penya in dark traseia from 100k to 160k..

scroll or pet revival (c class) - 15m

vigourous set of formaster - new effect = sta+75, hp+75%, dct+20%, speed+30%

twilight set - int+75, ia+75%, pvp+40%, melee block+50%, ranged block+50%


disenchant - nerf to 60% chance debuffs the enemy

fire master lvl.10 - mastery: fire+15%, melee block+50%

lightning mastery lvl.10 - mastery: electricity+15%, ranged block+50%

earth master lvl.10 - mastery: earth+15%, sta+90

water master lvl.10 - mastery: water+15%, inc. hp+75%

special elementor mastery lvl.5 - int+75, ia+50%

coming soon updates
non donor siege - planing for rules
item recycle system (example 1.stone of legion recycled to 1perin)
stated shields

Guild Siege Event

Release date: 07/01/2020 08:31:54am

Flyff Hub - Reloaded

💢Guild Siege Event

📌Every Monday - Wednesday Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

📌 9:15 Lineup time! 9pm Call time!

📌 Base of 2 victory!

‼️ Winner will get 500 pcs Scroll of awakening ++ and mvp prize 1 Custom tittle

‼️ Consolation prizes atleast 30points gap from the winner .. will get 500pcs Upgrade bundle either of the (SPRO,GPRO,XPRO,APRO)

💢 Siege will start this Sunday june 29 2020! 💢


Patchnotes 6-20-2020

Release date: 06/20/2020 02:21:13am

Level 122 Rewards - Day Traseia Ticket
Level Rewards newbie - 150 Star candy
Monument of Death (Ankou) = Drop's Jewels
Basilisk, Guan Yu, Iblis Penetrator ,Red Meteonyker, Ankou, Kheldor, Kalgas, Herneos = 3hrs CoolDown
Keokuk, Razgul, Drakul, Khan, Upresia, Sanpress, CW = 2hrs Cooldown


Release date: 06/20/2020 01:34:26am

flyff hub v21 - reloaded is now online!

just download the new patcher , register and play!!

for donator - every 1k php = 2500 hub chips

for farmers compensation:

x5 exp , x3 , x3 penya rate for 1 week!

full anarchy buffs anytime for 1 week!

huge event anytime!

Patchnotes July 6 2020

Release date: 07/06/2020 06:12:39pm

Macaron box fix
Fita box fix
Collecting area 7% pieces on test
Upgrade Bundle Sale
New Fashion for exclusive and for hub chips
New Mask/Glasses Hipster = Hub Chips
Transmute cost 25m

Patchnotes 07-14-2020

Release date: 07/04/2020 01:41:17am

1. npc selling price of consumable premiums and scrolls are reduced to 50% except scroll of awakening. price at npc sofy reduced to 100m or 1p.

3. 100% success rate for collector up to +5.

4. boots chance boosted.

5. newbie chips as newbie rewards will be given when reach level 2 to exchange at npc gergentes.

6. log-in event: 10 pcs. scroll of holy (non-tradable) every 1hr until july 14, 2020.

7. anarchy buffs payments adjusted.

8. scroll of element change is now available at the donate manager for 100 hub chips only.

9. item transmute payment is reduced from 50m to 25m.

10. auto buff "/b" command is reduced from 5m to 1m.

11. Scroll of Holy transfered to all party dungeons

to clarify, the administrators are only using the best platform to address your concerns and suggestions. it is noticeable that we [admin] are rarely participating in the comment section, since we only release official posts in our page. but, that does not mean we ignore your clamors.

Patchnotes 7-1-2020

Release date: 07/01/2020 01:21:26am

for collecting area (on test)
khan dmge nerf
b cards back to normal chances

Patchnotes 6-29 2020

Release date: 06/29/2020 01:53:44am

the x5 exp x3 x3 penya is now ended!

back to 2hrs cool down for party dungeons! 3hrs for kheldor kalgas and ankou

- new collecting area rewards

Patchnotes 6-24-2020

Release date: 06/24/2020 04:45:15am

patchnotes :

pet energy fixed
drops cant loot by other person for 20seconds
x3 penya and x3 rate is fixed!!
x3 penya, exp , extented until june 28 ... 12 midnight!

the fixed donation ratio -
500 php = 1000 hub chips
1000php = 3000 hub chips

contact our staffs to claim your followup chips

Patchnotes 6-21-2020

Release date: 06/21/2020 12:28:24am

Fixed Set effect for non donor fashion
Fix for 105 set/weapon drops

ibliss pentrator, red meteonyker, basilisk, razgul, guan yu, keoknuk - 2hrs cooldown!

legendary weapons on minus boss aminus dungeon

clockworks - 1hr respawn time

paarty dungeon except kalgas, kheldor, ankou is 1hr cd until june 28!

non donor fashion - penya npc sofy
all model/transmute from rc currency to penya currency -250m! npc angela

respawn time for giants from flaris to darkon 3 = 30minutes
shaduwar giants = 1hr and 40minutes

Fame Title System

Release date: 07/10/2020 02:26:20am

KILL 90 Red Meteonyker - HP + 8%(Warrior)
KILL 7,000 Dark Usagi Ninja - Str +15(Assasin)
Kill 7,000 Dark Usagi Axe Master - Int +15 (Warlock)
Kill 7,000 Dark Usagi Blade Master - Dex +15 (Jungler)
Kill 7,000 Dark Usagi Yari - Sta +15 (Tanker)
Kill 7,000 Private Bearnerky - Increease Attack 8% (Supernova)
Kill 7,000 Soldier Chimeradon - Speed +10% (Time Lapse)
Kill 7,000 1st Chef Muffrin - Crit Chance +10% (Professor)
Kill 7,000 Pawn Popcrank - Hit +10%(Swag)
Kill 7,000 Dark Usagi Fighter - Casting time 10%(Silencer)
Kill 7,000 Dark Guardian Terrapin - Pvp Damge 8% (Thunder Strike)
Kill 17,000 Cyclopsx - Critical Bonus + 10% (Soul Catcher)

Daily Quest

Release date: 06/22/2020 03:53:51am

Daily Event Challenge : Kill 5000x Mage Red Cloud = 100 Shining ori .. Until june 28 only!


Release date: 06/21/2020 12:31:27am


The 10 Top Voters of the month = Who have many votepoints

Example : USERID - 10000 Votepoints

Prize : 3000 HUB CHIPS EACH